7 things to do or think about when you come back from travelling

I recently read a blog post dedicated to how hard it can be to come home, after spending some time in other countries. When I say some time, I mean over a month away from home.

She wanted to surprise everyone but forgot how far the airport was from home!

She wanted to surprise everyone but forgot how far the airport was from home!


As two of my friends are readying themselves to return after over 6 months away, here are a couple of things to prepare them:

  1. You may have changed, but we probably have not… we stayed and carried on with our routine whilst yours went upside down during your travel time. Be patient with us…
  2. Coming back to “reality” can hurt, let’s face it. When you come back, keep some time to yourself to process what’s happened and where you are now, and it’s ok if you cry on the end of your experience. (I did it a few times…)
  3. Plan a big come back party(ies) with your friends and family to remind yourself that you did not leave all the good things behind, and that we didn’t forget about you! (please send me invites via Facebook or email or text messages, or better, call me so I organise it for you!)
  4. Get your act together: not everyone will listen to your travel stories for hours (I will and I promise to look at all your pictures with you!!) so think about how you can make them interesting or shorten them… and don’t forget to listen to us, even if it sounds like you heard the same stories just before you left…
  5. If you went on a sabbatical, you should get your old job back, but before you go back, think whether this was really what you wanted to do. If not, start looking for something else now and do go back until you find your alternative option.
  6. Plan, plan your return to work. If you left everything behind and haven’t started looking for a new job, ensure that your CV and professional network profiles are up to date, reflecting what you are looking for. Get in touch with recruiters, talk to your colleagues who went to other companies recently etc… don’t leave it to your return… I had my best interviews whilst I was travelling the Queensland coast, taking calls on Skype from locations like a catamaran in Noosa or a hotel room facing the beach. In those moments… you are anything but stressed!
  7. Don’t worry… you are not stuck! It may be a bit more complicated to go travelling again, but you will go again if that is what life holds for you! (right Miss Sparkly?!)

If you have experienced that, feel free to share your advise here :)