5 ways to improve your level of happiness

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Always Look on the Bright Side of Life – Monty Python

Do you know this song from the Monty Python? It’s an awesome song : Not only is it funny, but it also has one key message: Whatever happens, however bad things seem (and in the song, they get really bad), ALWAYS LOOK AT THE BRIGHT SIDE OF LIFE!

And here is my take on how to be happy, generally speaking, and please note that it shouldn’t be anything new to you… just things you know, but you are not doing :)


1)   whatever the situation, you can always find something that will cheer you up…

I usually do it, as I don’t like when things take me down, and I even do it in my dreams:

I dreamt once that I lost my wallet, and I was started to panick, because it contained my bank cards, my money and my ID. Well, after considering things again, I canceled my bank cards by calling my bank but I still had my French bank card at home if needed, and I knew I had copies of my ID in my email that I could print out if needed… In the end, I realized that all I had lost was the cash I had in the wallet. Everything else could be easily recovered… suddenly, I stopped worrying and felt kind of proud: OK… I had lost the wallet but… worse things could have happened, in the end, I just lost cash!

And suddenly, something you are not happy about turns into something rather fine…

Some situations may be harder, like in the case of the death of a closed ones, but… life goes on, and things like remembering happy moments with that person will help you too.


2)   Happiness is not a result or an end: it is a journey!

You don’t need a deadline to reach happiness, nor to have achieved a certain level of wealth and material possessions, nor to be in a relationship or have X children to be happy. You just need to take this journey into your hands, and do it now, so you can start being happy now!


3)   Your happiness depends on No one but you…

As per the above, if you rely on someone else to make you happy, you may have to wait for a long time. YOU can pick what makes you happy, and you don’t need anyone to make you smile, nor should you hold anyone responsible for you being in a state of happiness or unhappiness.

Sh*t happens, but it is up to you to react to it in a positive way, no-one-else!


4)   Failure shouldn’t make you unhappy… At least you tried something different or new, so rejoy!

Indeed, we tend to be failure-averse. We want success from the start, but… if you look at all the brilliant and talented people around you, and ask them, how many times did you fail, before you were good, you’ll see that these people have tried, times and times again, until they finally made it to what was dear to their heart!


5)   Better leave with remorse than with regrets…

How can you know if something will work, if you don’t try?

I’ll give you the example of the younger brother of a friend T. At his brother’s wedding, T. had a crush on a the young cousine of his future sister in law. He was afraid that she may not want to speak with him, that she may not want to dance with him… It took a good 30mn and a high number of Champagne glasses to convince him to go and ask her, but eventually he did, and she agreed to dance with him, and he showed her the same drunken move for over an hour, and she laughed at it… (until she got tired of it !)

What was the worst that could have happened: She would have said no, and he would have returned to the table, and had more Champagne…. Is it really that bad?

Trying new things is good to keep your life interesting and it does not mean that you need to find new hobbies, new friends etc… No… It can just be listening to a different radio in the morning, walking home through a different route in the evening, calling friends at the last minute when you don’t want to go home after work (even if you think they may be busy, sometimes they are not!), learning one word per day of a different language (even if it is ‘Cheers’ at the pub), etc….

So… now that you know all of that, why don’t you try to make yourself happy? What do you have to lose in trying anyway ?!

And if you don’t know where to get started, or you think your life is too cr*p right now to think about happiness, well dear reader, you know I am a very positive person, so call me/message me, and we’ll find a way to get you back on track!