Actively seeking change is like skydiving

Or maybe I should have titled this post: The 2% Mindset, as per the infography I saw today here.



The 2% Mindset explains that most of the population wants to be like everyone else, and stay in the comfort zone. Although the 2% figure is not a real statistic, it may well be close from the reality.  So, before I carry on, I’d suggest you take 5mn to take a hard look at this infographic, and figure out where you currently stand, vs where you would like to stand…

For most of us, staying in the comfort zone is the easy way, where you have less to lose. BUT… is it really the best for you?

Let’s take a common example: You are unhappy in your job…

Your boss is a donkey (not to say another d-word), or you don’t get on with your colleagues, or you just hate what you have to do everyday…

You go to work walking backwards, you stopped smiling ages ago, and no one has ever realised what perfect teeth you have cos they’ve never seen them. You go home and all you do is complain: complain to your friends, to your family, your partner, your cat… Hating every seconds of it… and still, all this is not enough to make you move!

Why is that? Because… unless you have something to lose that forces you to change, you get on with it.

But really, should you?!

What would be the cost of changing? It would be a bit like skydiving: You are scared that something can happen so you don’t want to make the step that will get you out of the plane. Scary right?!


However, you rarely hear of people dying when they go for a skydive. Why? Because it’s pretty secured… None of the pilots and intructors want you to die, because they would lose their jobs.

Changing job is the same… You are not alone and you will not crash if you leave the safety of your unhappy job. You have people around who can help you and support you, talk to your friends and family but ultimately, you will be the one choosing and they can help.

To look for a job, you don’t need to leave everything behind, but sometimes it is worth doing it as you will put yourself in a situation where you have no choice but ACTIVELY seeking the change, rather than passively waiting.

Here, I took the example of changing job, but everything works the same: you are unhappy in your relationship… Should you stay or should you go? Unhappy with where you live, should you stay or should you go?

Don’t leave this decision to someone else, be the one who jumps out of the plane, and don’t worry, it will ALL BE FINE!

'One last thing. I want you each to wear these in the off chance that your reserve chute fails.'

Or… think of the CLASH – Should I stay or Should I go