Better late than never – get back in touch!

We all have friends on Facebook, in our phones, in our heads that we have not spoken to in a while. We still care about them, as we read their latest status and we put a mental note to get back in touch with them, but we never do it… Well here’s something to change your mind.

In 2005-2006, I had a summer job that consisted of driving a 9-seater van full of tourists around the famous (or not) Chateaux de la Loire. At each Chateaux, we’d have coffee with the other drivers whilst waiting for our clients.
When I finished my studies, I relocated to London and kept in touch with one of them via Facebook. We’ll call him TL and he will know it’s him.

Whilst I was settling in the craziness of London life, TL carried on the job (it wasn’t his summer job), until he reached the point where he didn’t like it anymore, and 2 years ago, he decided to go back and study: Taking his future into his own hands.
At that stage, we hadn’t really spoken to each other since the last time I’d worked there, but still following one another’s status with the occasional and neutral ‘Like’.

Last December, he was diagnosed with stomach cancer. To gather strengths and support, he wrote an open letter on Facebook so everyone he knew and who cared about him would know.
He didn’t do it because he was worried about dying, no… He did it to benefit from the support of his closed ones.

When I read that, I reached out to him… but I couldn’t help thinking that I should have done it ages ago… That I shouldn’t have to wait for news like that to get back in touch with people that we actually care for, and that it could even be considered as hypocrite to get back in touch only now…

We met last month for the first time in years, when I went home, and we had a great time. When I apologised for not getting in touch sooner, he was fine with it, and said he felt the same. Now, communications are opened again between us :)

So Guys… don’t wait to get back in touch with people.

Do It Now