Chronicles of Clumsiness or The day I ditched shampoo for DIY options and ended up mixing my hair with baking ingredients

When I was a kid, I was taking one shampoo per week, and was postponing having to shampoo by pulling my hair in a tight poneytail. If someone asked whether my hair was greasy, I would just say that it was fixing gel :)

Years passed, and I then had to shampoo twice a week and as I had short hair, it would get harder and harder to hide oily hair, so I would put on a large headband that would cover the roots and let me get by for an extra day. I had a reputation of being a bit of a hippy, so no one really cared and just put it on my hippiness 😀

Now that I am a professional, and have to show up looking nice and clean in the office every day, it has got to the point where I have to shampoo every 2 days. I don’t mind it as my hair dries quickly, except in the winter time… 

BUT… when my hair started to get greasy after 24 hours, there was no way that I would have a shampoo everyday, I needed to find an alternative solution.

Oily hair

As a good representant of the Millenial generation, I googled Natural shampoo, then, being a bit more adventurous, I googled DIY shampoo. I was pretty sure there would be many options available, from ‘Making your own shampoo’ to ’10 hair masks you will want to eat’. However, after a reading many (many many many) pages, I had a revelation:

1) Easiest DIY shampoo: Baking Soda Rinse

  • Here, all you have to do is mix 1 Table Spoon of Baking Soda with 1 cup of water. Stir well until the baking soda is mixed with the water, or do it directly in an empty bottle, where you pour the 2 ingredients, and shake.

Easy enough right?!

  • How to use it: pour the mix on your head, massage your scalp with your fingers for about 2mn, rinse well and… that’s it!

I have been experimenting for 3 weeks now, and honestly, my hair feels good!! The only downside that I am getting ready for,  is what people who have been doing it for a long time call the Transition.

What is the Transition?



What happens is that the ingredients in shampoo strip the natural oils from your hair. For most people this has been going on for decades, so your scalp is used to producing a ton of oil (sebum) to replace everything that gets stripped away. During transition your scalp has to re-learn how much oil your hair really needs. At first it will seem like a ton, but eventually everything will click.

Source: Comments by Mira on Natural Thrifty Blog, and the No-Poo Challenge

So… here is the trick that will help you survive oil flooding your hair:

2) Cornstarch as a dry shampoo

OK, so today is my first day of doing it, but guess what, it was love at first starch!

All you need to do, is to use a bit of cornstarch on the roots and oily part of your hair , massage for about 10-20seconds, then brush it out using a haircomb (see below why you should not use a brush!) . Look up in your mirror… Oooooh, your hair looks AWESOME!

beautiful hair

Chronicles of clumsiness:

  • If you try the cornstarch dry shampoo, you will not rub your hair and face with 3 massive handfuls of cornstarch, unless you want to see what you will look like the day you have grey hair, and you will spread cornstarch everywhere you go, each time you put your fingers in your hair or scratch your head!
  • You will brush your hair rid of the cornstarch with a haircomb, not a hairbrush! unless you want to brush your hair with cornstarch everytime you will use your hairbrush moving forward…

There are many other complementary DIY products, and masks that you can add to complement these 2, but, since I haven’t tried them yet, I can’t really discuss them.

Now… What you have probably worked out already, is that these baking ingredients are soooooo much cheaper than usual shampoo, and really do the trick. If you are on a tight budget, you should try it! (I personally tried it out of fun and well-being… I found it funny to put starch on your head, or mix baking ingredients for your shampoo :D)

To find out more, you can go on these pages:

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Dry Shampoo: The Dos And Don’ts Of Skipping The Suds by Dana Oliver from the Huffington Post (for this one, just think ‘Cornstarch’ whenever they mention dry shampoo 😀 )

If you have any tips, experiences or comments, I look forward to reading them :)