Friends and reality-check

Last month, I went for a drink with a long time friend. We hadn’t met in a couple of years but it felt like yesterday… As I was venting about my problems regarding my landlord, and all the time we spend on paperwork for administrations… she stopped me.

“A real problem is when you have to lose a breast because you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, or any other matter of life and death… Here your real problem is your impatience. Not the landlord or the paperwork… this kind of minor inconvenience happen to people all the time. Stop being so impatient, and it will all be fine!”

Well… it definitely put things into a different perspective and she enabled me to take that step back… She did me a real favour, and that’s what a friend is for: bring you back to the reality and help you moving on! So, here’s the check-list to identify real problems from a minor issue:

1) State the problem (write it down)

2) Is it a matter of life and death? Yes/No

3) If yes – can you do something about it? Yes/No

4) If yes – are you doing it? If no, why not? If your answer to question 2 is no… then stop worrying and plan for solving.

3 bis) Is it really a problem? Are you not victim from your impatience like I was, or from any other flaws we hold within ourselves?

4 bis) What can you do to make this ‘minor issue’ go away? Can you get on with it by deciding it is not that critical that you should lose sleep over it?

If you are in a situation where the minor issue has turned into a problem in your mind, then I hope you get a good friend to tell you the truth, like mine did :)