Happy New Year 2015!

To all of you, my 20+ readers, I wish you this:

– a new year in which you will have time for the people who are important to you, and what is important to you

– a new year that will bring you awareness that if you waste this time, you won’t be able to make it up… so you will use it wisely

– a new year full of love, and joy… Money doesn’t buy happiness, Moving places won’t fix your personal issues, but being well surrounded… well that should help!

– a new year where you remember to take care of yourself, and keep hold of your sanity. As the Romans said: ‘A healthy mind in a healthy body’  – you don’t have to register in a gym like many do at the start of the year, but make a conscious move to healthier behaviours (less alcohol, less junk food, using stairs instead of the lift etc…)

– a new year that will give you more positive than negative things to remember. Somehow, for reasons I have not researched (yet), we tend to remember more vividly negative events, so if you want to have a positive year, ensure you set the stage for as many positive experiences as you can! Remember… Always look at the Bright Side of Life!

So… Happy happy new year to you all!