How do you know you’ve lost touch with yourself?

For the past few months, my life has been rather hectic:

  • I have looked for a new flat in preparation for moving in with my loved one, that represented about 2-4 visits a week for 1 month
  • We have moved house twice in 1 month of time
  • We had issues with a paranoiac landlord
  • I have a lot of work… and we are approaching the month of December (a dreadful month when you are in Sales, working with France)

When things start piling up like this, I end up losing touch with myself. By losing touch, I mean I am thinking 24/7 about everything and constantly doing something, not allowing myself to stop, breathe and do nothing for more than 1mn…

How do I know I reach that stage?

Losing Touch with Reality

  • When I can’t recognise anymore that I need to eat, to drink, to use the bathroom,
  • When my forehead is constantly frowning,
  • When my stomach becomes temperamental,
  • When I wake up, eyes wide-opened, at 4am everyday in the morning thinking about these proposals I need to finish…

When all of the above happen at the same time… I know I am in trouble, and I really need to do something.

Here are a couple of solutions that work for me:

1) Do a yoga session first thing in the morning. I do this one, because it is an easy one, it’s good to get you moving slowly and smoothly. (Plus I laugh when the guy says ‘Smiiile, because yoga is so wonderful’)

2) Massage your feet (or even better, get your partner to massage your feet!), it will bring your awareness back into your body.

3) Go for a walk without your phone, just you and your housekeys

4) do some breathing exercise: breathing is an unconscious act, but when we are caught in our heads, we tend to breathe more from the top of our body, rather than from our belly. Focus your attention on bringing the air in the area between your belly button and your belt (figuratively of course), for a couple of deep breath

5) Get a shiatsu treatment…. This usually does it for me, when none of the above works! Happy to give you my practitioner’s details :)

I hope this helps, but remember, there are many more ways to calm down and get back in touch with your body, so feel free to share yours in the Comments!