New habits: why we succeed and why we fail: the matrix :)

Some habits are easier to create than others… As you may have noticed, I haven’t published a post in … oh well… a good 4 weeks, when originally, my aim was to write one post per week, and STICK TO IT!

Well, this is the second time I fail in the rhythm (second time if I don’t count the time in between 2 posts…) and I am not proud of it.


However, if we start dissecating why I haven’t kept up with my own commitment, I will tell you the 3 factors that made me fail:

1)   I didn’t have a true reason to do it, beside wanting to share all my amazing insights and advise…

2)   I didn’t make it easy to stick to.

3)   I procrastinated to a professional level

So here is a matrix that summarises what makes a habit sticky or rejected.

  Shampoo Toothpaste Blog
Reason motivating the change I was losing my hair by the handful I had cavities on 8 teeth I wanted to try something new
What made it easy I have to shampoo no matter what, it is already part of my routine.

I chose a very easy recipe for homemade shampoo (1 spoon of baking soda for 4 spoons of water…)

I have a morning routine:

I wake up, go shower, then have breakfast, brush my teeth and go.

Here, I changed it to:

Wake up, brush my teeth with no shampoo, start the oil swooshing, shower whilst swooshing, prepare breakfast whilst swooshing, spit out and eat breakfast

I did not make it easy: I did not integrate it into a routine, nor booked a specific time of the week to do it.

I just thought that I’d do it on the go…

Procrastination factor I can’t procrastinate on washing my hair… if it is dirty, I get bad looks! I can’t procrastinate on caring for my teeth, I don’t like to go to the dentist and didn’t want anyone to start digging into them! I had no compelling event: no life and death matter there… no commitment to anyone
Result Habit adopted Habit adopted Habit rejected – need to make it easier!


Now, let me tell you that not all my habits are worth following: for example, I just read that using Baking Soda as a shampoo is not something you should do… And I realised it for myself so… Use this matrix when you want to change your habits, and see if it works!


To find more on how to change your habits, I recommend you read what James Clear writes –

To see what I found on Baking Soda shampoo effects, go here.