Putney Food Assembly, Unpackaged, shiatsu and big leap of faith beyond the corporate world

hippy_by_luceedays-1 Photo: Educateinspirechange.org

Photo: Educateinspirechange.org

Every now and then in life, we have to take a leap of faith, we have to move way beyond our comfort zone. When it comes to my personal life, I’ve never really been one for following common standards of normal life, some have even described me as a disguised (if not total) hippy.

Why is that you may ask?Waiting

I believe in changing the world, I believe we don’t have to stay stuck in one place and let it all happen whilst we “get on with our lives”. If you wait for change to happen to you or around you, it’s not enough… (in my humble opinion!)

So… this is it!

I have LEFT the CORPORATE WORLD since last April … hopefully for a long while!

After spending the last 5 years working for a big company selling to startups, then working for a startup selling to big companies, it is fair to say that I now want to do something where my skills can have an impact on our world, not just on the purse of someone that kind of contributes to my pension fund…

As I talk about my departure from my current position, everyone asks me:

What will you do?

That’s a great question! Here are the projects that I have been nurturing for the last few months during my lunch time, free time and sleeping time, and to which I am now dedicating most of my waking time.


– Building and launching Putney Food Assembly, the first of its kind in South West London, but not the last one in the UK or in Europe. What’s the motto:  we are all about locally produced food, and nothing we have travels more than 150 miles to come to us. (actually, it’s more like 10 miles travel for most). When you spend £1 in the local economy, 80p are re-invested locally vs only 20p when dealing with big business… Plus… by supporting our producers, you ensure they keep at least 80% of what you spend vs an average of 20-30% when buying from supermarkets. I talked about this project in my last 2 blog posts.



– Training to become a shiatsu practitioner – Shiatsu is a physical therapy that supports and strengthens the body’s natural ability to heal and balance itself. It works on the whole person – not just with the physical body, but also with the psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects of being. For more details, check the Shiatsu Society.   I shall graduate as a practitioner end of 2017, meanwhile, I have started to practice on people as much as I can. If you are interested in a shiatsu treatment, talk to me!



Unpackaged products dispensers

– Supporting the development and growth of Unpackaged: Unpackaged is the soul and heart of founder Catherine Conway, who started it in 2006, where no one was really ready. Her intent was to offer people a way to live packaging free, and for this, she started selling products in bulk and inviting people to bring their own container to refill them at her first market stall, then at her shop. I am now helping her with developping and structuring her ideas and operationalising them, helping the world to become unpackaged, one-less piece of plastic at a time.


But because B2B Marketing still pays the bills, I am also part-timing for a young Demand Creation & Persona agency based in Paris and London…

This is it, if you are wondering what I am up to nowadays, now you know: I am busy finding ways to contribute to our world more positively. Call it the crisis of turning 30 or a wake-up call, it’s kind of the same!