Reflexions on French politics: Employers vs Employees… Is this really 2014?

As the government is changing in France, I have been doing a lot of reading on the web articles about politicians’opinions from Montebourg to Valls, to Melenchon, Sarkozy or Mr President Hollande.
One thing strikes me though: we are still hearing about 2 classes: Employees vs Employers.

We are now in 2014, in a world where entrepreneurship is valued across the globe, because it’s what creates jobs for employees… and in France, we are still looking at Employers as some kind of evil cast ?!
All of us (or most of us) know of someone who has created a small business:
– a plumber
– an electrician
– a consultant
– an accountant…
Someone that has been brave enough to invest in themselves and their ability to succeed and make it without working for someone else, and later, by employing other people!

Can we still talk about the exploitations of the Employees by the Employers, when really, France is one of those countries where employees have enough rights that small companies are afraid to hire…?

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