Tasty summer salad – beetroots & Fruits!

Here is a very quick recipe for a fresh and summery salad:

What you need:

– Cooked beetroots

– Peaches

– Apples

– Halloumi cheese


– Basil / Thyme / Oregano

– Balsamic Vinegar or Cider Vinegar

– Olive oil

– salt/pepper

– garlic or shallots (optional)


How to do it:

Peel the beetroots (if they are not peeled yet), and peel/wash the peaches and apples. Dice them and throw them in a bowl

Pan-fry the halloumi cheese after cutting it into dice or slices. Add it to the fruits and veg.

Peel and dice the garlic or shallots, and add to the other ingredients.

Add herbs, a dash of vinegar (1 or 2 Tsp) and olive oil (1,5 to 3 spoons), salt and pepper…

Eat and enjoy!