The Putney Food Assembly is coming! a project update

Back in November 2015, I started working on setting up a Food Assembly in Putney.

Step 1 was to find a venue (completed): On 2nd January 2016, I met the fantastic general manager of a local pub: The Duke’s Head, right by the Thames, who shares the vision of bringing local food back in our plates.

I’m pleased to say that it didn’t take much of my sales skills to convince him to be the Venue hosting the Putney Food Assembly, so it is now official: The Duke’s Head will be our meeting point once a week to come and meet the producers and collect our orders.
That means you will soon be able to come to the Pub, with a good excuse… that of coming to collect your weekly shopping 😀

But to make it all happen, I now need to recruit the producers… the most important part of this project… If there is no local product, we’ll just be going to the pub as usual, there won’t be any weekly shopping happening there.

So… step 2: Find producers (in progress):

In December and January, I visited many Farmers market in South West London and discovered a lot of local producers. Adding to this SW15 Mum network and added support from co-host Motti from the Richmond Food Assembly, we are starting to have a good list including Putney locals like Lazaro Bakery and people from a bit further away like Brambletye Fruit Farm (Forest Row)

As soon as they get through the registration process, you will be able to find them on Putney Food Assembly!

Step 3: Recruiting Food Assembly members (in progress)

This is where you come in: I can only open the Assembly officially, once we have 200 members registered. Right now, we are just above 50.. If you:

  1. are interested in sampling the kind of food that I have listed above,
  2. happen to live in Putney, Fulham, Earlsfield, Southfield, Wandsworth or Barnes
  3. want to shop online for all these pretty things and and are happy to come and collect on Wednesday night
  4. want to meet with the people responsible for your food….

I can only say one thing: Register for the Putney Food Assembly! It takes just a couple of minute, you don’t have to pay anything until you place an order, and there is no commitment… It’s THAT simple…

The opening night should be straight after Easter vacations, end of April. Look out for the date on the Food Assembly Facebook page, Twitter account and Food Assembly website