The Putney food assembly is coming!

In my last blog post on Change and where to get started, I mentioned that I would get involved more in making change happens. Well, it is now confirmed!
I am working with The Food Assembly to create a mini local market, bringing together local producers (from a 150-mile radius) with local consumers (from Putney primarily, but beyond are also welcome). The great thing about it is that the producers get to keep the biggest margins, as – we would all agree- should always be the case, and consumers can remove a part of the food chain and be good eco-citizens :)

The journey is just starting, and I first need to find a venue, then to gather producers, but I would love to know if you would like to join me on this project by either becoming a member of the Food Assembly and following the news on Facebook, recommending some local producers that you’d like to see involved or a good venue in Putney!

If everything goes well, the Putney Food Assembly should open its first market in January. It won’t be a full time job for me, but will be my contribution to making this world a better place 😉

Thanks in advance, and I hope you’ll support me in this new challenge!