This is just a piece of paper…

As I was on the train the other day, a guy told me a great story, that happened to him and in friends about 20 years ago in Brasil:

Four Portuguese boys, in their early twenties, were on holidays in the Nordeste regions, by the seaside. Every day, they could see kids playing football on the beach, and one of them was really good and putting together his own show to impress them. At the end of their stay, they wanted to leave something to this young boy. They called upon him, and when he came, they handed him a bank note.


The boy looked at it, and dismissed it with a snort… they were puzzled by his reaction! Then he explained:

“You guys from Europe, seem to be giving far too much attention to money… this is just a ¬†piece of paper and I don’t need it. I have everything I want here: I have sunshine, and I’m playing football on the beach with my friends… I don’t need anything else!”

Our guys were flabbergasted! They did not expect such a life lesson from a young brazilian boy…

I’ll save you my comments on this story, but I thought I would share it with you and see if it helps us putting things back into perspective.