What it feels like when you don’t speak ‘clean’ in your mother tongue… and how I discovered I spoke fluent Chiac

As I work on the French market, based out of the UK, one would think that I have it easy, with the best of each world :) . I knew already I was truly fluent in Frenglish, and struggled with finding some words in the first hours to first days of me coming back and being surrounded by my fellow countrymen… But little did I know that I wouldn’t be able to write proper presentations and letters nor translate a full presentation in French!

Just for fun… Try and search ‘despair’ in Google Images… it should give you a good idea of how I felt!



After 7 years away from the ‘Mother Land’, I don’t feel that French any more, and I guess it has impacted how much attention I pay to the ‘purity’ of my everyday use of the language. So, I apologise to everyone who may get offended when I mix words from different languages but it really won’t improve.

BUT…….. Thankfully for me, the Canadians have made it an official language: the Chiac!

An example of Chiac:

J’ai crossé la street.

J’aime ta skirt.

Maman est very proud de toi! High Five!

Peux-tu me fixer ma chainsaw please?

See there my Friends for more about the Chiac by La Revue Acadienne https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w36ZLQ5H2so

So… don’t argue with me now: I speak Chiac fluently :b