When seafood meets the softness of avocado and the kick of a grapefruit

Here’s a quick recipe that is absolutely gorgeous…
for 2 people:
-1 grapefruit (1 is enough for 2-3 ppl)
– 2 avocados
– seafood: either tuna (in brine, not oil), crayfish or shrimps
– olive oil or hazelnut oil.

The hard part:
– peel the grapefruit removing even the inner skin, so you are left with just the juicy fleshy bits.

Everything else is easy:

– peel and dice the avocados
– open the can/pack of the seafood of your choice (you may blend the shrimps or crayfish or just leave it in small pieces).
– Mix them all in a salad bowl with a drop of oil.

If you want to give it a bit of kick, you can add red or pink raw onions, thinly sliced, or a little pinch of chilli.