When the Travel Bug hits you hard

If you are a seasoned traveller, back packer, hitch hiker, adventurer, etc… you don’t need to read this, we both know you know what I mean… but feel free to comment, and help me defining the travel bug.

For me…

It’s this feeling that the world is like a shell that opens for you but remains like a maze that you will never get out of… it’s this feeling of ‘what’s next’ when you come back from a trip to the other side of the planet… it’s this itching that takes you when you watch a movie set in a paradise-like location that sets your traveller mind on fire…

It is overall this never-ending hunger for more, more adventures, more landscapes, more amazing time, more new people, new language etc…

Sometimes, you feel like you’re OK, you’ve done enough and you have to focus on what you have at home… and then you watch ‘The Beach’ like I just did today… and that’s it!
Othertimes, it can hit you hard when you fill in one of those travel maps you can create on Facebook, you know, the one that ends up saying: You have visited 20% of the world… and you think “What?!?!?!?! ONLY 20% ?!?!?!? I need to remedy to it right now! Where and when can I go next?”


It’s not just about new places, it’s a combination of (yes) new places, but also new people, different looks, feels and smells, it’s a feeling of adventure and freedom, it’s thinking that here, no one knows you, and you can re-invent yourself as much as you like… It’s about seeing things for the first time, like you’ve just opened your eyes and looked at the world for the first time.

My name is Floriane, and I am a travel addict. Yes… I got bitten by the Travel Bee… and I am totally hooked on travelling!